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My Work

Content Creation

Over the last 6 years, I wrote and edited more than 150 advertising brochures, press materials, blurbs, product descriptions, website content pieces, case studies, and social media campaign materials.

For Interdev Technologies, a B2B company building software for paramedic services, I wrote emails for clients, as well as case studies, blog posts, website and social media content, adapting all my texts to the brand's voice and identity.

I also took over the design work when needed and edited images in Photoshop/Lightroom.


For the brochures, ad creatives, and graphic elements, I successfully adapted them to the company's needs in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, or Premiere Pro.

Branding & Strategy


I believe that strong branding is the basis of every successful brand.


That's why when came to me struggling with their positioning, I knew the issue stemmed from how they were trying to "marry" two different buyers' personas.


Together we reworked their messaging and laser-focused the audience's attention on the biggest advantages of the platform.


We also reworked their brand book together, making sure that the platform is memorable and stands out.

Before, I took part in re-branding processes of a fashion brand, a private school in Toronto, and a B2B software company Interdev Technologies.

To learn more about branding, read my recent blog post.

Running Ads &

Building Customer Journeys

I often consult small businesses on their advertising strategies and help them lead incoming traffic from paid ads to a purchase.

For the first lead generation campaign of the Pocket Film School (PFS), we picked a burning topic for a webinar - whether or not to join a union - and used the webinar as a lead magnet.

We had 3 weeks to set up the campaign, so I created a content strategy for the landing page, emails, and social media. 


Then I built a landing page with the tool available to me (i.e. Mailchimp) and interconnected Google Analytics, Mailchimp, the client's website, and Facebook Business Manager.

I set up separate email automations for three audiences, and then I tested and ran Facebook ads in a limited amount of time (5 days), getting results from a brand-new cold audience ($0.28 per landing page view).​

As the result, we got 31 leads in just 5 days for $4 each, with testing included. With further optimization, the price of the lead would go down.

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